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real-time feedback for mental ray®

Latest Build: 1.5.34

See It In Action

SprayTrace 1.5 - Smoothed Final Gathering

SprayTrace 1.5 features an instant smoothed final gather preview, able to produce great results at low sample levels.

SprayTrace 1.5 - SnapShot Buffer

Save and compare SprayTrace preview shots in the snapshot buffer. Save your stack of images in a single save operation.

SprayTrace 1.5 - Faster and more interactive

SprayTrace 1.5 has an updated faster raytracing engine, it's faster than ever. More Maya properties are updated in real-time, such as light positions and material colors.

SprayTrace 1.5 Settings Panel - Camera Settings and Material Overrides

Choose a camera from your Maya scene and control the size of your preview by dragging the view or specifying the pixel dimensions in SprayTrace. Override the scene materials with clay shaders to understand the scene lighting better.

SprayTrace 1.5 Settings Panel - Lighting Overrides

Use lighting overrides to use SprayTrace like a super viewport without the overhead of the scene lighting to render. Ideal for texturing work.

SprayTrace SprayTrace 1.5 Settings Panel - Additional Overrides

Turn on and off reflections, refractions, ray depth. You can make the scene faster to preview to get work done faster, or learn about the ideal settings for your final render.

SprayTrace 1.2.12 - SSS shaders

SprayTrace now has full support for SSS shaders. SSS shaders have lots of settings to adjust, so the instant feedback provided by SprayTrace is a real time saver. Redisover the power of SSS shaders through SprayTrace!

SprayTrace 1.2 - on 12 cores!

We tested SprayTrace v1.2 on a render node from Workstation Specialists ( Even though the render unit had no 3D graphics card, we got Maya and SprayTrace running on it, connected to it over remote desktop and had a play. SprayTrace was very fast on this spec machine compared to our usual 4 core demo machine. So if you thought SprayTrace looked fast before, look at it fly on a 12 cores!

SprayTrace 1.2 - new support for MentalRay native IBL lighting

SprayTrace 1.2 now supports the image based lighting hiddne away from Maya. This can be accessed with string options on the miDefaultOptions in Maya or it can also be exposed in great mel scripts freely available on the web. Image based lighting never looked better in Maya than with this new lighting option.... and now SprayTrace provides a fast preview of this image based lighting too!

SprayTrace 1.2 - Improved Final Gathering

Small video showing the new final gathering in SprayTrace 1.2

SprayTrace 1.2 and new HDR Light Studio Live plug-in

SprayTrace 1.2 introduces support for a new HDR Light Studio plugin for SprayTrace. This means Maya MentalRay users can design image based lighting in real-time directly onto their Maya scenes.

SprayTrace v Maya IPR

A short video simply showing how Maya IPR performance compares with SprayTrace. Sorry if its boring on the IPR part, this is the whole point really... its not that interactive. When you see this video, I think you will truly understand what Spraytrace is all about. It will save a lot of time!!!

New Features in SprayTrace 1.1

See the new features in action: Zoom, Region Render, Under Mouse Focus, Pause/Resume & Save Image.

Introduction to SprayTrace 1

Overview of SprayTrace - Realtime preview for Maya MentalRay scenes.
Machine spec: Single Intel i7-2600k CPU @ 3.4GHz (4 cores with hyper threading), 8 GB Ram.