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real-time feedback for mental ray®

Latest Build: 1.5.34

Real-time for mental ray®

The SprayTrace view provides a live progressive preview of your mental ray® scene, giving instant feedback on shaders, textures, lighting and camera adjustments - all in context on the final shot. You'll never go back to the Maya IPR after experiencing SprayTrace in your workflow.

But there's more... the SprayTrace 1.5 window can also be used as a 'Super Viewport' for accurate texture placement using the new scene lighting overrides. Plus scene materials can be overridden to clay, providing a better understanding of the effect of current scene lighting for the artist.

SprayTrace is compatible with Autodesk Maya 2008 - 2015, on Windows64 and Mac OSX64 platforms.

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Instant Maya / mental ray® Preview

What our customers say...

SprayTrace has changed the way I approach character design for the better. Because the feedback is instant I am free to explore and iterate without interrupting the design process watching the wait cursor. SprayTrace lets me see a complex image in seconds, so I can tweak the final look right in camera, simplifying my workflow and saving me hours.

Todd Pilger, Head of 3D Visual Development, Sony Pictures Animation

Sometimes you don't know what you're missing until you try it and then you realise how could you have ever lived without it. Spraytrace is definitely one of those tools. It revolutionises lighting and shading look development within Maya, enabling artists to interactively and creatively experiment without the constraints of time. The old tweak, render, wait, tweak workflow has finally gone for good.

Lee Wilson, Senior 3D Artist, Dyson

SprayTrace has optimized our workflow greatly, allowing us to put emphasis on the visuals instead of technicalities

Sony Mobile Viz Team

SprayTrace is a must for all mental ray lighting/look dev artists. It is what IPR in maya should be and delivers extremely fast and most importantly stable interactive feedback to tune your scene lighting and materials.

Richard Levene, Recom Farmhouse

SprayTrace allows me to stop guessing how my Mental Ray render will look because I can see how it will look in real time. I can tweak shaders and lighting from any angle whilst getting instant feedback and when I hit render I know the final result will look just right. I can't wait for the official release of SprayTrace as I will be equipping all my Mental Ray artists with this tool as it saves so much time.

Brendan Mannion - Polygon CGI

SprayTrace speeds up production significantly. This is great innovation and good news for all CGI artists working with mental ray® for Maya on tight deadlines.

Karsten Knüppel - Albert Bauer Studios